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Issues of Importance

I strive to make my website non-partisan. However, we all have opinions and sometimes mine might show through. I will try to always present the issue in an objective, impersonal way. Again, if you don't agree, you have that right, as I have the right to determine the contents of my website.

I have found the following issues of enough importance to bring them to light on this web site. These are issues that I think people need to be aware of and why.

Rebuilding Our Military

During the last decade our military has suffered much demise. The article shows how spending levels have dropped and the drastic measures our military is using to keep it's equipment operating. Currently the Budget Control Act of 2011 (BCA) cap on military spending. The BCA must be changed before the military can be strengthened again.
I lived during the cold war and know that the strength of the U.S. military is the primary reason there has not been, and will not be a third world war. The only way to deter our enemies is to be so powerful that we can not be defeated.
Please read the article and contact your elected officials about restoring our military to protect our nation and prevent any nation from being a threat to the U.S.
Learn more at

Socialism in the United States

Government is gaining control of many aspects of our lives, esp. healthcare. As the government continues to expand its control, we will see expanded redistribution of wealth and an ever increasing number of people coming to depend on the government. The Cloward-Priven Stategy printed in The Nation magazine in May 1966 outlined a plan to move our nation toward socialism. Former President Obama, his wife and Hillary Clinton have shown support for this strategy over the years (Reference).
The fallout of socalism: little reward for work as the workers wages are taxed more and more heavily to support the increasing number of people that depend on the government for life's necessities.
However, socialism is not the final goal. See the communist goals here.
The Naked Communist book teaches about the history, goals and expansion of Communism and how Communism will infiltrate (is infiltrating) the U.S.
Get the book The Naked Communist written during the 1950s that offers an explanation of the radical changes/decline in America.


Obamacare has failed. I was not able to keep my plan, as the president promised. My premiums more than doubled in four years. My deductible and out of pocket expenses are much higher now. This is the case for most Americans that had insurance before Obamacare was passed.
As for those that didn't have insurance before, less than one half of those that were projected to have coverage now have coverage. The promise of insurance for everyone failed terribly.
In my state there is only one company on the exchange and most doctors won't accept patients on this plan. It is very expensive for the patient and does not provide the health care that is needed. Removing the mandate did not fix the problem. As always, Washington does not know how to fix a problem, only how to spend money to "try" to fix a problem (our tax money - against our wishes). Washington needs to get the government out of healthcare and let the patients, doctors and insurance companies work together to make our health care the world's best again.
Manhatten Institute has an article with more information about the ways Obamacare has failed.

Debt Interest Will require 30% of Income Taxes

CNN Reports:
In 2015 alone, the estimated interest due - $533 billion - is equal to a third of the federal income taxes expected to be paid that year, said Charles Konigsberg, chief budget counsel of the Concord Coalition, a deficit watchdog group.
Another view. Scroll down to the annual comparisons.

Sen. Thune: tax increases & budget gimmicks in health bill (2009)

Sen. Thune speaks about the proposed health care plan will cost the taxpayer and insured. Youtube video

Pat Buchanan speaks on the fiscally ailing governments in Europe.

I believe all Americans need to read this, because it could very well be America looking to China when the dollar collapses.
Pat Buchanan on

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