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About Stansweb.US

I started this project by wanting to know how the U.S. Senators and Representatives in my state were voting. At the time I could not find any website that made this job easy, so I created the legislation page. I have collected the legislative bill information as far back as the it is available on the web. My legislative information comes directly from the U.S. Government websites. If you find anything incorrect, please contact me and give me a detailed description (the more details the better), so I can correct the problem.

I strive to make my website non-partisan. However, we all have opinions and sometimes mine might show through. I will try to always present the issues in an objective, impersonal way. Again, if you don't agree, you have that right, just as I have the right to determine the contents of my website.

I hope you find my work useful and informative. If you have respectful comments, I encourage you to contact me using the "Contact Us" page. I may not be able to reply to all the comments, but will try to make enhancements to the site as my time allows.

Thank you for visiting. Come back often, as new legislation is added whenever Congress is in session.

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