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Welcome to Stansweb.US

I built this web site when I started looking for an easy way to see how all the Representatives and Senators for my state were voting on the bills before them. I found many web sites with legislative information, but none that did what I was searching for. The Legislation page on my site was my solution. I have added the legislative bills back as far as they have been posed on the web. My information comes directly from the U.S. Government websites. If you find anything incorrect, please contact me and give me a detailed description (the more details the better), so I can correct the problem.

I hope you find this site useful and informative. If you have comments, I invite you to contact me using the "Contact Us" page. I may not reply, but will try to make enhancements to the site as my time allows.

Thank you for visiting. Come back often, as new legislation is added daily whenever Congress is in session.

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